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Juvenile Detention Officer

BRIEF JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsibilities include direct supervision of juvenile offenders detained in Detention. Duties include assisting in the admission and discharge of residents, participating in the organizing, directing and evaluating the juvenile offenders’ activities of the shift, ensuring all records are accurate and complete before transferring responsibility to the next shift, and providing support and structure for detained juveniles through fair and consistent enforcement of rules through application of consequences and through active listening and understanding. Continual documentation of offenders’ actions and behaviors. Be advised this position requires rotational 12 hour shifts and one 6 hour shift. The position offers three and a half days off per week.
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or GED. Must be 21 years of age or older and have a minimum of three semester hours of college-level study in adolescent development, psychology or a related subject; or forty-five clock hours in documented training in child care or child development; or one year of experience as a child care worker or house parent in a facility serving youth of the same age. Must pass background check and CVSA (truth verification exam All applicants are required to provide Human Resources with the following original documents: State Certified Birth Certificate, High School Diploma or GED, DD-214 if applicant has prior military service, valid driver’s license and official sealed transcripts for any colleges attended, at the time the application is submitted.

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