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Critical Response Nurse

Posted: 10/04/2022

The Opportunity:

Wright Memorial Hospital is seeking a Registered Nurse for the Critical Response role. As an RN on this team, you will be at both facilities as needed. This is a multidisciplinary, collaborative and resourceful team that supports each other and work together for the common goal of providing exceptional patient care and improved patient outcomes.

Staffing needs are met on both the day and night shift.


  • Utilizing the nursing process.
  • Performing patient care delegating patient care tasks and for supervision of other patient care staff.
  • Coordinating the plan of care for a group of assigned patients and consulting with other members of the health care team when indicated to ensure optimal patient outcomes.
  • This clinical nurse demonstrates proficiency and abides by policies rules guidelines and procedures.

This opportunity will allow you to work with a variety of patient care, conditions, and diagnoses; which will allow you to overcome new challenges every day. Saint Luke’s has a strong nurse governance and we encourage all of our nurses to participate and help us make Saint Luke’s The Best Place To Get Care, The Best Place To Give Care.

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