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Synergy Services

Synergy Services

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About Us

The most dangerous place for most people is not a dark alley, it’s their own home. Synergy gives victims of family violence safety, support and the strength to start over.

Safety & Security
Safety is the most urgent need for the child rescued from an abusive home, the teen running away from violence or the woman desperate to escape her abuser. Synergy operates a hotline, outreach programs and three shelters—one for unaccompanied children, one for teens and one for women and their children—to meet victims’ most basic needs and connect them to other resources.

Support & Healing
Synergy is recognized nationally for a uniquely synergistic blend of high-quality support services that put victims of violence on the path to a brighter future. On-site medical and dental care, and traditional mental health therapies alongside healing creative arts provide a foundation for victims to heal from their trauma and build resilience for future success.

Strength & Resilience
Starting over means figuring out how to live independently. Synergy builds confidence and ability with necessary job and life skills training and provides stable, long-term housing and support to enable clients to focus on getting back on their feet and laying the foundation for sustainable success.

Breaking the Cycle
Synergy doesn’t just want to help victims of violence, we want to prevent violence in the first place. We do this by teaching healthy relationship skills to avoid bullying and teen dating violence, giving support to young parents and struggling families, and work

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